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My Very First Award! :)

Posted by KAT Sunday, October 26, 2008 6 comments

A BIG Thank you to Kay's K9s for giving me this award! It is my very first one, and I am soooo excited~! I'd like to thank the academy.....oh wait, that's not right! LOL!

I wrote a nice write-up on Kay's K9s site over on my other blog, Candles, Crafts and Whatnot, and I still visit her regularly. She is amazing with not only the art that she creates, but the work that she does for our animal friends. She sponsors animals that need to find homes and donates profits from her sales to good causes too! She is the best!

Anyway, back to my award.......The Rules for the Award are as follows:
1. Mention the blog that gave you the award & comment on their blog when you post the award.
2. List 6 things you VALUE & 6 things you DON'T VALUE.
3. Then, pass the award onto 6 other blog buddies!

Six Things I Value:

  1. Family and friends ~ I wouldn't be who/where I am now without them. :)
  2. Alone Time ~ I really enjoy the time I spend by myself, I am a strong person, and don't at all mind my own company!
  3. My Creativity ~ It gives me such happiness to create.
  4. Being in Control of my Life ~ To a certain degree I can control what I do, and when I do it, and I like that feeling.
  5. My Values ~ Mom brought me up right, and I find that today, some people don't have values, and I feel sad for them. :(
  6. My Job ~ In today's economy, I am lucky to have a job that supports me.

Six Things I Don't Value:

  1. Rude People ~ I don't understand the actions of people sometimes?
  2. Money ~ I value what I need, not much more...I am not extravagant by any means. I always say, I just need enough to live off of, not millions.
  3. Fancy Clothes ~ I am not big on dressing up, give me jeans and a sweatshirt and I'm pretty happy!
  4. Dressing Rooms ~ Uggghhh, not a fan, don't use them.
  5. Cell Phones ~ I use mine pretty much for emergencies only.
  6. Shoes ~ If I could do without them, I would. I am not a "sterotype" female who owns 100 pairs of shoes. I like naked toes!!! Lol.

So there are my things...now I need to pass this along to 6 other blogs.

I choose:

  1. Lapidary Queen Wannabees
  2. Dashery Jewelry
  3. ShinyAdornments
  4. Michon Jewelry Blog
  5. Karooart
  6. Aerten Art

Congratulations to the above sites for inspiring me so much, that I want you to have this award! Please keep creating beautiful things, and I will keep coming back! :)

Making New Candles

Posted by KAT Friday, October 24, 2008 5 comments

I have been making candles like crazy!~!

I have had lots of orders to keep me busy :) and I have a big craft show coming up in November that I have to get ready for!

At this show that I have been doing for years, we set up a booth, and sell candles of all shapes and scents, and also some of my other craft items, including polymer clay items, and my jewelry.

My kitchen smells absolutely divine right now, because I have been making my new favorite scented candles ~ Japanese Cherry Blossom, and boy, does it smell wonderful!

I have made lots of tarts or melts too! Those are the kind you use in burners and have no wick. Many people like them for the safety factor and because you get the strong scent without an open flame. They usually sell really well at the fair.

I will keep you posted on my progress for the show! Wish me luck~!

Entrecard is Working for me Again!

Posted by KAT Thursday, October 16, 2008 2 comments

Entrecard seems to have fixed whatever it was that was ailing it, and now I am able to drop cards again. I wanted to thank everyone who regularly dropped their cards on me, even though I couldn't drop back for about a week.

I was really getting frustrated with Entrecard, because Whenever I tried to load a page, it would take forever to load or give me an error message telling me that the site was unavailable. Besides that, if I did get a page to load, and tried to drop my card, sometimes it would go through after about 5 minutes or it would say "invalid". It was really, really aggrivating!

But it seems to be working a lot better now. The pages are loading quicker, and I was able to drop some cards tonight......definately no where near 300, but some.

Again, thanks to all of you who continued to drop on me in my downtime! I really appreciate it!

Blog Action Day 2008 ~ Poverty

Posted by KAT Wednesday, October 15, 2008 4 comments

All over the world today people are getting together on their blogs and participating in a great project known as : Blog Action Day.

Today, October 15th, bloggers from everywhere will be writing about one topic: Poverty.

We will write as one voice about the same subject and how it affects us. Everyone of us, is coming together to hopefully put an end to this terrible issue.

Most of us have all been affected by poverty at some point in our lives, in one way or another. Now, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure that it has touched just about everyone. Perhaps you have experienced it first hand, or maybe someone you know couldn't feed their children? Have you ever seen a homeless person on a city street? Or maybe you are one of the lucky few, who only read about poverty or heard about it on the news? Either way, we all know it exists, and yet it still exists. WHY?

I simply do not understand why there is poverty at all, when we have so much money here in this country that is being wasted and used improperly! Millionaires buy yachts and jets and throw money around like it is going out of style. Rock stars have millions of dollars and waste it on a daily basis. Movie stars get paid millions of dollars to make a movie! That is absurd to me! How can you spend that much money and know that there are starving babies out there?

I am always stunned at the amount of wastage that we have in this country, and yet we have starving people, including children and babies. There are so many people facing poverty around the next corner.......Always wondering how to stretch a dollar here or there, "what can I make for dinner that doesn't cost more than $5.00 because that's all I have", or "what bill can I pay this month, because I certainly can't afford all of them!" or even to face losing thier homes! The average person faces this every single day! I know, because I am there. I have stuggled just like many, but I have never been homeless, and I have never thought that I wouldn't help someone who needed it, if I could.

How can the vast majority of Americans that are wealthy, sleep at night? How can they continue in their lavish lifestyle knowing that there is so much poverty? How can they seem to throw their money away on seemingly useless things and not help starving people? There is so much injustice here, that it isn't even funny!
There are many TV shows on today showcasing the extravigant lifestyles of the rich and famous....and then there are the shows where a bratty 16 year old gets a really expensive car like a Lexus, but bitches and moans about it because she wanted a beamer!! And she complains because her party didn't have elephants, or the right "theme" or whatever! I can't even watch these shows, because they make me sick with the way money is just thrown around. Do these whiny teenagers even know about poverty? Do they even care?

Now, I wasn't brought up in a family that had alot of money, but I was taught values, and to care for other human beings, and to help people whenever you can. I try my best every single day to live up to that. I don't have a lot of money, but what I do have is a voice...........
And I can be heard here on my blog, on Blog Action Day!
Let's wipe out poverty!

Woooo Hoooo! It's My Birthday!

Posted by KAT Tuesday, October 14, 2008 2 comments

It's my Birthday today, and I got this lovely doodle from my good friend Claire over at A little piece of me , and anyone who knows her, knows just how good she is at her doodles!!
I absolutely LOVE this one she did of me!
She got my Sunflower in there (so dear to my heart!), and a nice (?) candle too! Now, I don't know if this is a soy wax candle or not, but I'm liking it! Does anyone else like my candle? Hmmmmmm? lol.
I have to work on my birthday, so that kinda sucks, but I'm sure I will do something after work. No definate plans....just "keep your evening open after work" kind of comments. So maybe a party? Maybe out to dinner? Maybe a movie? I don't know, but I guess we will see....hehe.
Anyway, I had to share my wonderful doodle with all of you, and tell you that I think I'm gonna love this birthday! It already started out Wonderful!

Thank you Claire! Hugzzzzzzzzz~!

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