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The Big Craft Show has Arrived!

Posted by KAT Saturday, November 29, 2008 3 comments

As I mentioned on my other blog Candles, Crafts and Whatnot, My big craft show, that I have been telling you all about, is here today and tomorrow. I went Friday night to partially set up for the show, and today was the first day of the show.

There were alot of lookers, but not alot of buyers out and about! I hope tomorrow turns out to be a better day for me and some of the other sellers! I did sell some candles and some jewelry, but there are so many jewelry sellers there this year, that it is near impossible to sell any! Almost every other table is selling jewelry, whereas last year there were maybe 10 of us selling jewelry. Now it is more than half of the sellers! That really stinks. People must be so sick of looking at jewelry by the time they get to my table!

Luckily, I have my soy wax candles, open

and on numerous tables, to draw them
my booth, andthen they can smell them, and look at the jewelry too! But it doesn't seem like a very good year for
selling right now?

Anyway, I will let you all know how tomorrow goes.....wish me luck!!!


Come Read Angels Ezine Magazine

Posted by KAT Sunday, November 16, 2008 4 comments

I would like to invite everyone to come on over and read the latest issue of "Angels Magazine".

It is a magazine written by women, for women, and has some really good articles in it, along with poetry and photos. I'm sure there is something there for everyone!

I contribute to this magazine along with trying to keep up with my posts on this blog and my other blog, Candles, Crafts and Whatnot, and running my business, Kat's Candles. To say the least, I have been pretty busy lately!!

The ladies would all like to hear your comments about their writing and their articles, as they have all worked so very hard on this magazine. Please bookmark this site, or subscribe to the rss feed, and come back often!!

We look forward to hearing from you!! Take care!!


Scents in the Ever Changing Cycle

Posted by KAT Sunday, November 2, 2008 6 comments

assorted_candlesIsn't it funny that when making candles, you never know what to expect?

In my business: Kats Candles, I have found that peoples tastes vary from one season to the next, and even from one year to the next. One spring my customers will be crazy over Gardenia scented candles and the next spring it will sit and collect dust. I never know what is going to be popular?

I have mentioned before that I do craft shows, and I can't possibly take with me all 100 scents that I offer, or for that matter, all the products that I have. I usually bring a lot of candles, of all shapes and sizes, but maybe only 1 of each of the off season scents. I should mention that the spaces offered at these craft shows are not exactly huge!! So space is limited, and therefore, so is what I can offer!

Inevitably, someone always wants the scents that I didn't bring, for example, if I'm doing a Christmas show, I usually bring my Christmas/fall scents, and a smattering of the other ones. But someone always wants the "honeysuckle" candle, or the "baby powder"! Now, I try and take what I think will sell, and if the following year I take the "honeysuckle" and the "baby powder" they will just sit there taking up space on my table, and I will have people asking all day for the "blueberry muffin"!!! I can't win! Maybe if I was psychic, I would have better luck predicting what the customers would want.

I am still stocking up for the "big show" in November that I mentioned in a prior post. You can read it here, and I am scratching my head trying to decide what scented candles to make, and what to leave out. I just hope I make the right decisions this year! Wish me luck, and if you have any insight....please let me know!!! :)

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