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Along for the Ride

I went to a Twilight DVD Release Party!

Posted by KAT Saturday, March 21, 2009

So, last night, my daughter Angela and I were all excited to go to a "Twilight DVD Release Party" that they were having at our local Borders Book Store.

We were to show up at 7:00pm to get our wristbands to hold our place in line to get our copies of the 2 disc DVD for $29.99.
I was there earlier in the day, so I could see what we had to do, and I picked up this beauty of a calendar, that I can't wait to hang....only thing is, it doesn't start till July 2009...WTF??? Who starts calendars in July??
Twilight Calendar Bella and Edward image photo pictureAnyway, we show up before 7:00 pm and the line is already forming inside the store....we wait for our turn, and when we get up to the front of the line (about 7:15) we hear that they have no more double disc DVD's with the special cards insert, but they still have single DVD's available FOR $19.99. ??? huh???

But good sports that we are, we take our tickets (notice I said tickets and not wristbands?? Sounds like a train wreck already) and head off to eat somewhere until the party starts at 10:00pm.

I also bought this new Director's Notebook, by Catherine Hardwicke, which has lots of inside looks into the making of the movie, with costume sketches, set scouting locations, ideas, etc.

Twilight Directors Notebook photo image pictureAnd I got this really cool Edward bookmark, that I fell in love with when I saw it!
And it was the last one there of it's kind.
The flash kind of washed out the Edward photo, but he is looking so sweet as his vampire self....lol
And the back says in script writing....."Look after my heart...I've left it with you"

Edward Cullen Twilight BookmarkOk, so back to the party....we go back to Borders before 10pm, I'll just wrap it up here, we filled out a Twilight Questionaire and passed it in to hopefully win a prize (we didn't) and then they sent us on a scavenger hunt all thru the store finding books on different things, and remembering to name the authors too, like: "Visit the animals section and find a book about the animal that caused Emmett to become a vampire: write the title and author here:" or "Visit the religion section and find the book that Stephanie Meyer says inspired the image on the Twilight book cover. Write the title here." and stuff like that....
Now we realize that was just to keep us busy, they didn't give prizes for this, and where was the food and drinks they promised us???? This just used up time so the clock could tick towards midnight, when they could legally sell "Twilight" the DVD.

So, I have to say this party was LAME~

Loser photoWe knew we weren't getting the 2 disc DVD anyway, so we left before midnight!
And then this morning I went to Target and got the 3 disc Twilight DVD set for $17.99!!! Wooooo HOOOO!!!
Isn't it funny how things work out for some reason??
Gotta Love it~!!!!


  1. Looove the picture, LOL!!

    And Yay that you got yourself a deal!

    I think I am going to break down and have Twilight be the next book I read...I need to read it before I see the movie, isn't that right?

    I will let you know!! :)

  2. PinkLady Says:
  3. Wooo Hooo This is so unfair!!! How come we don't get those parties here!

    I love that bookmark, Kat! I am glad to know you finally got your Twilight DVD.

    From another Edward addict,

    Bing (",)

  4. KAT Says:
  5. Kristin,

    Yes, you should definitely read the book! Whether you see the movie or not? You will notice that there is a lot left out of the book in the movie, but it is still good.

    I'm excited that you are finally going to read it!! Yay!! Let me know as soon as you get it, so I can ask you "where are you now?" lol

  6. KAT Says:
  7. Bing,

    Yes, from one Edward addict to another...woooo hooo! And I'm surprised you can make out the bookmark...lol
    The flash totally wiped most of it out, no matter how many pics I took...it's just sooo shiny! :)

    And don't worry about the party, it wasn't worth it...lol We could have stayed home and not run around the bookstore all night!! haha But, you live and you learn.

    I will let you know what is on my 2 bonus discs...

  8. Duni Says:
  9. Sounds like the bookstore just needed a bit of self-promotion. So happy for you that you got your DVD's at a bargain price!
    Cute pic!

  10. Anonymous Says:
  11. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  12. KAT Says:
  13. Thanks Duni! And I am happy I got it at a bargain too!! Things happen for a reason!! :)

  14. KAT Says:
  15. Welcome Joannah!!

    You should really go over to my other blog: http://candlesandcrafts.blogspot.com
    That one is updated a lot more frequently, and has so much more to read!! Give it a try!!

    Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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