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I'm a Rule Breaker too!

Posted by KAT Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, you see, I was over at PaperCages' blog, dropping off an award, and noticed this meme she did, and she said she broke the rules....so I thought....Hey, Me too!!! lol

Now, I wasn't awarded this meme, or even tagged with it....I just Stole it!!!!

So, the purpose of this meme is to put your name in Google, and right after your name you type in "needs" and then hit search.....and then see what comes up??
I thought it was hysterical to give it a try, after reading Tricia's answers, so here is my contribution to the "needy" meme.....lol

Kat's Signature

Kat Needs:

1) Kat needs money to feed her heinous addiction to Gummy Worms....

I had to laugh at this one..can you even imagine??? I personally would never post this on the internet for all to see, but someone did....poor thing!!

2) Kat Needs A Rest

Well, yeah, this is more true than I would like to think....

3) Kat Needs You! Calling all men! We want YOU

LMAO boy, won't I be needing a rest after that???

4) Kat-needs-help

In more ways than one, let me tell ya...and Tricia I'm here with you in the help wanting department!

5) Kat needs BBT training

I don't even know what BBT training is??? Is it something scary??? Someone tell me!

6) Kat needs to stop fooling around

Well, see if I did this, I could get that well deserved rest that I need.

7) Kat Needs A Keyboardist!

Not me personally, but whoever this Kat is....she needs one bad!! This must have been posted at least 10 times!!! Please, Kat is in a band and she needs a keyboardist!! Help her out!!

8) Kat needs coffee

Well, no I don't...I don't like coffee...but give me a cuppa tea, and now we're talkin'

9) Kat needs to start posting again

Hey, is this rigged, and is someone watching me?? How do they know??

10) Kat needs our prayers!

Okay, yeah, I can use all the help I can get....what you need to pray about, I don't have the foggiest....but all prayers are good prayers, right??

So those are my ten things I am in need of.....do you think you can help me out??? LOL I seriously didn't think that anything would come up, and was a little shocked that all this and then some did!!

I am not going to tag anyone....but I would love it if you played along...
Just leave me a note letting me know you did, so I can go and read your answers!
Take care,


  1. PinkLady Says:
  2. I love this one so I will steal it from you. LOL! I just found out that there are a lot of needy Bings in Google. Sounds fun to me! Will post it in Sheepish Thoughts soon.

    Much Love,

    Bing (",)

  3. CB Says:
  4. Kat I have a very special award for you on my blog. :) I need to know where to send it, and what your favorite color is hehe.

    Look here:


  5. CB Says:
  6. PS: email me the information at christina_kerr@msn.com ;)

  7. KAT Says:
  8. Steal away, Bing...and have fun with it!! I thought it was hysterical!!

  9. KAT Says:
  10. Christina,

    Thank you so very much!! I am thrilled with my award!! I will email you now...

    Thanks again!

  11. PinkLady Says:
  12. Kat I posted my crazy results at Sheepish Thoughts. Imagine, it said I need a brain!!! LMAO!

    Bing (",)

  13. Hi Kat,
    Very funny, I am going to steal it as well and play along. I love being a rule breaker myself!!
    Take Care,
    Janet :)

  14. Flo Says:
  15. Hahaha, so funny! XD


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