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A Wonderful Place for Medical Scrubs

Posted by KAT Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don't know if any of you remember, but I work in a Hospital, and the girls are constantly looking for great deals on "scrubs" (the comfortable clothing that doctors, nurses and medical assistants wear).

We have found this amazing site on the internet called Scrubs and Beyond, and they have the most diverse selection of scrubs, that we literally spent our whole lunch period looking at all the different styles and designs.

Now, scrubs have come a long way since the plain old light blue or pale green sets you used to see everywhere!! And although you can still get those if you want...why would you want to?? You can have fun and updated designs that make you actually feel good about what you are wearing when you go to work!

They have amazing print scrub tops with cute and whimsical designs, and character prints, or just a stunning pattern with color! If you are specifically looking for print scrub jackets, they have those too! You can wear a cotton Tee, or turtleneck underneath the jackets. Again, they have wonderful patterns, ohhh, and lots of pockets too!! That is an important thing that we all look for!!

Here are some of my favorites, and they don't even look like the traditional medical scrubs:

The thing I like about both of these is, I happen to love black and white, and the top looks like a designer top, not part of a scrubs outfit!! You could even wear this for a night out on the town, it is just that pretty! It is part of their "Koi line".

And the pants are an elastic waistband with drawstring....we all know there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of pants that feels like you have your jammies on!! :) Now these to me look just like a pair of workout pants...not something you go to work in!! So that was a big plus!! And they just look so comfy!!

Now this next one is just so girly and pink, and CUTE!!! I love this one!!! Again, does this look like a Scrubs top to you??? No, me neither!!

You could also wear this one out, because you can't tell that it is a scrubs top!! I love how they have really updated the designs here! Everything seems so new and trendy! They also have a full line of Landau medical scrubs which is a well known line if you buy scrubs. They have the traditional Physician jackets, and scrubs, along with shoes and many other items.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, in case you are also looking for Medical scrubs to wear!

Take care,



  1. thanks so much for this post. my daughter is a massage therapist and works at a chiropractors office and wears scrubs so i'll send her a link. nice blog too!

  2. HiKat,
    these look stylish and so comfortable too.thanks for sharing I may get myself some scrubs.
    Janet :)

  3. KAT Says:
  4. Victoria,
    Thank you for your nice comments! And I'm sure that your daughter would be able to find so many nice outfits here that don't cost too much!

    I loved looking at the clearance items, they are sooo cute, and a great steal of a price too!!

    Take care,

  5. KAT Says:
  6. Janet,

    These are really so comfortable. And what I like is you don't really have to choose through a whole closet to figure out what to wear to work, it is kind of like a uniform.....but not.

    Take care,


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