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New Candles on the Way

Posted by KAT Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kats Cadles 18oz Apothacary jar
I have been busy with so many different things lately, that my candle making has somewhat taken a back seat. But I have some new fragrances that I need to try out, and some new container jars also.

So, I will be making some more candles real soon. I can't wait! Whenever I make my soy wax candles, my whole house smells delicious, because the smell flows from the kitchen to all other areas of the house.

The main thing that I have to be careful of, is not mixing different scents that do not go together!! Ughhh, I have had some trials and tribulations with that, let me tell you!! LOL
There are just some scents that should never be made together, because the smell lasts for days in the house!! And then there are some that go wonderfully together and I can make them in combination, over and over again!!

Usually, I try to keep the florals with the florals, and the bakery scents with like scents, and the others, sometimes, I will just make one kind at a time, and wait for the scent to disappear before making another. It really is all trial and error, and from that I have learned what ones to do together and what ones to do alone.

Anyway, I will keep you up to date on the new scents and how they turn out... Maybe I will put up some pictures to show you?

Till Next Time,
Take care,

1 Responses to New Candles on the Way

  1. socre Says:
  2. Hello, I find your blog through "big bang" list. Have a nice blogging.


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