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Posted by KAT Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GE front load washing machine image
Oh my gosh! Now my washing machine has gone on the fritz. This has not been a good year for me, let me tell you. First it was the broken heater, then the computer that had to be replaced, lots of small things in between and now it is the washing machine!

Now I have to go look at washing machines this weekend to try to replace this broken one. I am going to do a lot of comparison shopping, but something tells me that I might find the best deal at Sam's Club, as usual. They have some gorgeous front load washers, and they are reasonably priced. I know because I have looked at them before when I was just dreaming about a new washer and didn't actually need one. A sort of window shopping, put it on the wish list kind of thing. But now, I really need to get one. I love the one I posted a picture of above, mostly because it is my favorite color of red, and also because it is a front loader, and I have never had that before. I still have the old fashioned lid that opens on the top thing. This one looks so much more stylish, don't you think?

I also have to consider space when I am getting my new washer and might have to go with one of those compact washing machines. I don't have a big house, and have thought about getting an apartment sized set to try to save space. I will have to look around, like I said, and weigh all the options first.

Oh well,
Till Next Time,
Take care,


  1. Staci Says:
  2. I feel your pain, only for me it's been my car, the house AC, my bedroom TV, and 5 or 6 cable boxes. It's getting to where I'm scared to touch anything, in case I'm giving off some kind of weird electromagnetic field that's messing everything up.

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