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Let's Go Green With Soy Wax Candles!

Posted by KAT Sunday, August 10, 2008

The term "Going Green" has become a very popular term in America today.
Everyone is becoming more concious about the planet and how we can all help out in our own little way. I have found that one way I can contribute to the healthiness of the planet, is by burning only Soy Wax Candles instead of other options.
Many people have already switched to Soy Wax Candles and may not even know they are helping the environment!

I think the reason that switching to soy wax candles has caught on so quickly is because the results can be seen when burning a soy candle compared to a paraffin candle. Soy candles burn completely and evenly, and when burned correctly, you are not left with a tunnel down the center of your candle and half of the wax unmelted once you finish burning your candle, like most paraffin candles. Soy candles also do not generally produce the ugly black smoke that paraffin candles do. (Note: All candles can produce soot & smoke if the wick is too high). The smoke is due to the fact that paraffin candles are made from petroleum products, which creates a sooty & smoky burn not related to the wicks, but to the wax. Soy wax candles on the other hand are made from soy beans which are an organic vegetable product and do not emit black smoke when burned.
So if you are looking for a great eco-friendly product that shows you have "gone green", you can purchase soy candles or give soy candles as a gift. You will be glad that you did. Just think about how good it will feel to know that you are helping the environment by only doing something you love to do anyway.....burn candles!
Just make sure that your choice is SOY!

I thank you and the planet thanks you too!


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  5. L. Massey Says:
  6. I love candles! Great blog!

  7. I LOVE Soy candles! Maybe you can do an entry for each kind of candle you offer? :) I may even order some!!


  8. KAT Says:
  9. Thanks for your kind words....
    If I did a blog about each scent that I offer, that would be one long a** blog! LOL
    I offer over 100 scents....
    Maybe I can highlight some of the favorites??? What do you think?



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