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Strange Sounding Candle Scents.....What do they Smell like?

Posted by KAT Thursday, August 14, 2008

I sell many different candle scents at http://www.katscandles.com/ , and all of my food/bakery candles are very true to the name....

If the lable says "Hot Fudge Brownies", then that is EXACTLY what it will smell like!

If it is "Macintosh Apple", same, same.....just like a fresh juicy apple!

I have numerous people come up to me at craft shows, and comment on how they smell exactly like whatever the lable says.... and they are usually surprized at how realistic the smells are. I just stand there and smile, because usually, I have gone through the whole explanation of "how they smell exactly like what the lable says" and the person usually gives me the half-smile thingy and then picks the candle up to smell for themselves. Then they look at me with this incredulous look on their faces, like OMG! I didn't believe you!


Then there are the scents that need explanation.........

Some of them I am describing all day long, because the lables aren't self explanatory.

My best seller and the one that needs the most explaning is:

Monkey Farts

Now I know that you are expecting a really, really disgusting smelling candle, but...

If you can just imagine everything a monkey might ingest, and then have blow out the backside, it actually smells really good! It has bananas, sweet grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, and some bubble gum that smells like bubble yum, with an undertone of vanilla.

Now.....Doesn't that smell delish?

I can tell you that I sell more of this candle than any other, lots of sales are for the name alone, for example, customer #1 says to customer #2 that she is going to get her husband "monkey farts" because he will get the biggest kick out of it!!! And lots of sales are for the scent once customer #1 smells it and realizes that is isn't gross!

Below are some others that need explanation.......


This has a nice combination of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, with some strawberries and pears, and hints of spice.


This is a really nice tropical scent, it is very light and begins with mango, fresh strawberries,elderberries, and ripe papaya. It has undertones of rich vanilla and toasted coconut and just a hint of soft musk.


This is really good to get rid of nasty smells in your house, with the aroma of juicy lime and lemon zests with hints of herbal cilantro. It covers the smell of foul odors, and is great for smokers of all kinds!


This is a best seller just from the name, but once you smell it, you'll love it! It has the scent of soft baby powder with a hint of ripened sweet mulberries.


A true stress-relieving aroma: Floral bouquet of ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and carnation with hints of violet and undertones of exotic woods.

I hope you have enjoyed reading into the different scents and names and seeing what goes into the scents, and that sometimes.....you just need to do some explaining.

Let me know what you think!!! Are there any scents out there that you can think of that I haven't listed, that sound funny, or need explaining?

Leave me your most outrageous candle scent............


  1. asking Says:
  2. this blog is improving, your contents are better now...

    will you post an article about the duryan fruit from philippines, and tell us what do they smell?
    inform me when you already have it.

    have a nice day

  3. Michelle Says:
  4. The monkey farts is hysterical. Very catchy though and I think ingenius!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. hahahaaa, .. Monkey Farts and Butt Naked.. hahahaha, how did you come up with those :D they are hilarious!

    and well I must say, my mom bought candle a couple of days ago, a really expensive one.. and the candle smelled great when not lit.. but as we started burning the candle, there was NOOO SCENT! .. nothing.. only when you smelled the candle really really close, you would smell the apple (it was an apple candle) ..

    .. my mom said it too.. that there is no point in buying the candles in these huge shops, because it's just another mass production, and not good at all..

    .. but just reading your blog, gives me hope that .. at least somewhere someone is making the real deal! :)

    Take care!


  7. mantiz Says:
  8. Have to admit, I think I'm in love with monkey farts already! :/

    Listen, do you have a store anywhere in Asia? I need a couple of em RIGHT NOW!

    Sorry I got a little carried away, but them monkey farts sounded so tempting and we don't have monkeys here either :(

  9. KAT Says:
  10. Mantiz,
    Ha ha! That's the same reaction, I usually get! Only not from anyone in Asia! That has to be a first! If I could I'd get you some pronto, cuz you'd love the smell!

  11. mantiz Says:
  12. you bet!
    just lemme know if you open up a store somewhere in the asian mainland..
    g'nyt, it's nearing bed time here (2 am) .. wish I had a monkey fart to put me to sleep *sigh

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