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Posted by KAT Saturday, August 9, 2008

I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by my new blog! I own Kats Candles at www.katscandles.com and I wanted to start a soy wax candle blog for all of you out there who have asked for it.
There is so much information that I can and will provide here for you regarding soy wax candles. First, let me introduce myself......

My name is Kat and I started my own business... Kats Candles about 5 years ago because I absolutely LOVE candles, and was very frustrated at all the candles that I bought. It seemed that they smelled really good in the shop, and also were really strong the first few times I lit them. Then they wouldn't smell at all! No scent whatsoever!! I tried many different brands, and they all seemed to do the same thing, after a few lights, no smell. And they all would burn a hole down the center too! I thought of all that wax that was being wasted.

So I started doing some research, lots and lots of research, and what I found was that most of the big candle manufacturers use machines to pour their candles with paraffin wax with no scent added. Then right before the wax sets up or hardens, they would pour a bit of scent on the top. This explained why the candles only smelled the first few times the candle was lit..... the scent wasn't infused with the wax, only poured on the top! Boy, was I angry! So, I did some more research on how to make my own candles. That way, I could control the scent and make sure that "MY" candles were made properly. In researching waxes, I found out some very alarming facts about the paraffin candles that I had been burning in my home. They were toxic and had been releasing harmful chemicals into the air! Me and my family had been breathing that every day!

That was the day I decided to look for an alternative, and found natural soy wax. It is produced by American farmers, and grown here from our native soil! That sealed the deal for me. No more hazardous chemicals, I wouldn't use lead in my wicks, and my oils for the scents would be all natural too! I went green long before it was popular!

From then on, I started to make my own candles, and I received such rave reviews that friends and family were insisting that I sell them. So that is how Kats Candles got started.

Please visit my website, and read all about the health hazards that most of the candles you purchase in the grocery or department store can and do pose to your families health. There is a button called "health issues" that is very imformative and has lots of information. That way, I won't repeat it all here, you can just pop over and look at it.


  1. Ingrid Says:
  2. Hey!!!
    Oh my god, I just read your blog and I think you like an angel from heaven ! Ha-ha!
    Seriously, I love candles and I've always had the same problem that after a few burns my candles don't smell any more!

    So I'll be sure to check back to your blog, and find out more about candels! :)

    Great blog, great idea!

  3. Hi......
    Really I must say your blog is really cool and is quite informative....
    The facts discussed here are the one I wasn't aware of.
    Check for my new updated pic in my blog
    Abhinav Moudgil

  4. FUNKY GUY Says:
  5. Hi Ingrid
    I hope you are going to come up with a great post soon which is as informative as your earlier post,.......


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