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SoyBeans...Not just for candles...?

Posted by KAT Wednesday, August 13, 2008

soybean farms

Soybeans are grown in many of our United States, including.....

Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio to name a few....

This is a very nice picture of a soybean farm being harvested by the newfangled machines that some farmers use today.

(It kind of looks like a Wright Brothers plane with wheels, doesn't it?)

I read that in Ohio, Columbus-based Battelle Memorial Institute, the world’s largest independent nonprofit research institute, is one of the companies leading the way in researching and developing alternative uses for Ohio farm crops including soybeans. The company received $1.1 million from the Ohio Soybean Council to develop a number of soybean-based products, including a soy-based toner to be used in printers, copiers and fax machines. The environmentally friendly ink, among other advantages, will be easier to remove during the recycling process, making for a cleaner, brighter and cheaper recycled paper.

Can you believe it??? Sounds good though, huh?

In 2003, the project received one of R&D Magazine's prestigious Annual 100 Innovation Awards. The awards, considered as the Oscars of the technology world, recognized the most significant scientific and technological achievements for 2002.
The money for the Battelle project was made possible through check-off funding, a system where farmers contribute a portion of their sales to an organization, such as the Soybean Council, to help fund research and promotion of their crop — in this case soybeans.
Battelle also has conducted research into increasing the percentage of soybean oil in PVC plastic pipes, developing soybean-based furniture coatings, and developing a soybean-based, all natural hand cleaner.

They are also generating soybean based fuel substitutes, and won't that be a kick in the pants to the big oil companies?? We can grow loads of soybeans right here in the United States, and wouldn't have to go offshore to purchase fuel. Wow, I am impressed with what I have been reading up on this.

Anyway, although I love my Soy Candles, I am glad that the soybean is being used for other things too! And it can only help the environment in the long run. For me though, the only candle to burn is the Soy Wax Candle! Longer lasting, stronger smelling, better for MY environment!


  1. wow, very special, i like it.

  2. that's really cute..wish i had one too.

  3. I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.


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