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Are You Up To Date on Stem Cell Research?

Posted by KAT Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cryo-Cell is a company that is near and dear to my heart and I only wish this type of service was around a long time ago. It may have saved the lives of some of the people I loved and lost.

Forget about what you think you know about stem cell research...
It is so much more than you know. When you hear the words "Stem Cell Research" you probably think of Christopher Reeve in his wheelchair after his riding accident, and Michael J. Fox advocating the use of stem cell research to help people with Parkinson's Disease. But there is so much more that is being done with the cord blood that it is amazing!

There are tests and trials being done now, to help with heart disease and strokes! Stem cells and bone marrow are being injected into the hearts of some patients that all had chronic heart conditions, and after three months, these patients had increased blood flow to and from the heart and improvement in the heart function itself. This is wonderful news! The scientists are also very hopeful that stem cell treatment to the heart will mend the heart cells and repair some of the damages that were caused due to a cardiac arrest or heart attack. In the trials, these patients definitely got a renewed lease on life!

Stem cells are also being tested to be used to treat diabetes, both juvenile and adult, along with many forms of leukemia, anemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease as well as spinal cord injuries.

You can follow Cryo-Cell on Twitter , by clicking on this link and having up to date news and information on Stem cell research.

You can also follow Cryo-Cell on Facebook, this link will take you to the facebook site, where you can join the many others who have become a fan of Cryo-cell. You can read the updates here, and even leave a comment for them. I have become a fan. :)

Just so you know:
Cryo-Cell is one of the world's largest cord blood stem cell banks, and they serve more than 175,000 clients all over the world. They are located in Florida, in the United States. A baby's umbilical cord blood is found to be rich in stem cells, and they are the special cells that are normally found in our bone marrow. Stem cells are like the bosses of all the cells, because they produce all of the mature cells that are in our blood and immune system. Stem Cells form the white blood cells that fight infection, the red blood cells that carry oxygen, the platelets in our blood that promote blood clotting and the cells that make up our immune systems. Now, newborn cord blood is loaded with these stem cells, and if collected, they can be cryo-preserved in the event that they are needed later in life. Stem cells will match the child it was obtained from 100%, and has a one in four chance of matching a sibling that may need treatment.

Like I said, I wish this had been around a long time ago, and I am glad that President Barack Obama lifted the Stem Cell ban back in March. Since then, see how many other diseases and conditions it is being tested for? If it can help people, why not? Why would you not want to preserve the umbilical cord blood for future use?

Till Next Time,
Take Care,

1 Responses to Are You Up To Date on Stem Cell Research?

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