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A Unique and Special Birth Announcement

Posted by KAT Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of the girls I work with had a baby not too long ago and she sent out the most adorable birth announcements! I have never seen a birth announcement quite like this, as this was specialized and custom made.

I just had to call her up and ask her how she came up with them, and she told me that she worked very closely with a designer to custom make her announcements with Ashley's picture on and the relevent information, like date, time, weight, etc. The designer let her change the wording, and the colors quite a few times before she settled on the one she chose, and she said that in helping to design it herself made it all the more special for her.

She is keeping one of the birth announcements in Ashley's baby book, and will tell her when she grows up all about how she helped to design and create her special announcements. For privacy reasons, she asked me not to use her actual announcement when I told her her I was going to write about it on here, so I have selected a somewhat similar birth announcement to give you an idea of how cute they are!

I remember when my daughter was born, there were only plain fill in cards that you put in name of baby, date born, time, weight and length. There was nothing special about them, no uniqueness to them. They were just the standard announcements. I wish we had something as great as this around when my daughter was born, because I am creative and I would have loved this!!

Are there any baby announcements you or a family member need to be sending out? You could try to design your own too!

My friend said that she had so much fun designing her announcements, that she is definitely going to go back and have the family holiday photo cards done here! She can use one or more of her own favorite photographs, and create more photo memories that will last a lifetime!

Oh, and another thing I liked about this company is that they also have a recycled cardstock option to choose from that is made up of 50% recycled materials!! Way to go green and help the planet!

Take care,


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