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Treat Yourself to a Wonderful Spa Day!

Posted by KAT Monday, June 22, 2009

spa massage image photo pictuer
When I was in Florida, I was visiting with friends and I suggested we all have a "day at the spa"! So, my friend Kate told me about this place that she goes to that is fabulous! So, we booked appointments to have a massage and facial and manicures and pedicures, really the whole nine yards!

What I didn't know until I got there is that you can tan there too! But we weren't there for that, but it is nice to know for future reference. But, they also had waxing, and I was thrilled! I needed my eyebrows done, and I had been neglecting my legs and bikini line just a bit, so let me tell you, we had a full day of pampering and primping and it was wonderful!! I recommend that every single one of you treat yourself to a spa day and you will see what I mean!

facial image photo pictureThe staff was so friendly and courteous, and they definitely took great care of us, even though we giggled like schoolgirls most of the time. It really made it special to be with my friends, and it also made it fun.

This place that Kate recommended has got to be one of THE BEST West Palm Beach Salons that there is!! I can surely tell you that we have nothing, and I mean NOTHING like this up in Massachusetts. Sure we have places that do all the same things, but not like this... this is an experience. This was unique. This was amazing!

I can't stop smiling, even now, as I am remembering it. The whole day was wonderful from start to finish, and I am so very glad that we went!!


  1. Oh I would love to have a pamper me day with my mom. Now that I come to think of it, maybe I'll plan a date with mom for this coming weekend. It would be a lot of fun and super relaxing.

  2. Spas are perfect pampering and with all the roughing that we do with our skin it is a much needed attention to our neglected bodies and souls.


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