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BluFrog Energy Drink wants you to Win!

Posted by KAT Saturday, June 20, 2009

BluFrog energy drink
All the other energy drinks better move their cans over....
There's a new drink in town that is better for you, and that new drink is BluFrog!

This is an amazing new energy drink unlike some of the others on the market today in that it doesn't have that high and low sugar rush like the others, plus, it is so much more healthy for you because it has real fruit, lower calories, lower carbs, and no artificial colors or flavors!! And it has tons of vitamins in every can, and we could all use more vitamins! It is about time someone came out with a nutritious energy drink and BluFrog did it!!

If you head over to their site, you can win one of five great prizes, just by tweeting about it, and we all tweet, right?? Or you can post a comment on BluFrog's site telling them which prize you would love to win, or you can even blog about it!! BluFrog energy drink is offering you different ways to win prizes, while also offering you a healthy energy drink alernitive.

I would love to win the gaming system myself. I am a games fanatic and I am still in the old zone of PS2, what a joke!! But right now winning a new gaming system with a Xbox 360 Elite System, and Rock Band 2 Bundle that comes with a wireless networking adapter, my family and I would be in heaven!! We could jam all night long!! Yeah!

Why drink those others that pick you up only to drop you down so fast you feel as if you just sky-dived without a parachute? Drink the real fruit and vitamin drink that will only make you feel better! Why not have a can or two now while you are tweeting about that contest??

Go over to BluFrog and see how easy it is to sign up to win!

Take care,



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