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Did You See This??

Posted by KAT Sunday, October 11, 2009

phoney lose weight ad image
I saw this ad while visiting blogs today, and I had to laugh my butt off!!

Do they really think that anyone is fooled into thinking that the woman in the top picture and the woman in the bottom picture are the same??

I mean, Come on!!

Not to mention the skin coloring, the belly ring, and the different shaped navel, but really......are we supposed to think that this is the new and improved version??

Sorry, but I am not that dumb!

And I don't know many people that are, that would fall for this advertising.

Maybe that is the reason they kept the faces out of the photos??

Hoping we couldn't tell it wasn't the same woman??

Seriously, still laughing over here...........

Take care,

1 Responses to Did You See This??

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