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A Late Vacation

Posted by KAT Sunday, October 11, 2009

Summer is over, but there is still plenty of time to squeeze in a fantastic vacation at one of the Myrtle Beach Resorts in South Carolina. There are some really good deals going on right now and the prices are unbelievable! You could stay in a resort that has a room facing the ocean and wake up to the waves crashing on the sand. How nice does that sound?

My friends stayed in a Myrtle Beach Resort when they vacationed in August and they said it was the best vacation they ever had! From the gorgeous view to the beautiful room overlooking the beach, they said they are definitely going back again next year. And I am going with them this time. I am not going to miss out on all the great sight seeing, and shopping that they did, and I am envious of the beautiful tans they both had when they came back.

They said that they woke up in the morning, had breakfast at the hotel, and then just walked right out to the beach and relaxed in the sun. I have never stayed anywhere that was right on the beach, and I can't remember ever waking up to the sound of the water. Anyway, they said they would tan for a few hours, then go back up to their room and change, and head out to see the sights. They went to some great museums like the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum, and also visited the Ripley's Aquarium and said it was one of the best that they have ever been to. They also went to a great water park that was close by and said that they were like two little kids playing on the slides. I had to laugh at the pictures they brought back, but I really am envious.

I will be looking into Myrtle Beach Hotels so we can go again, and I can get to enjoy all the things that they did. I am getting excited just thinking about it. I can't wait.

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Take Care,

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