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Do You Want to be "Tempted" ?

Posted by KAT Friday, October 16, 2009

Tempted book cover imageDo you love Twilight, and/or Vampires? If you do, have you read the "House of Night Series"? This is an amazing series of books written by a mother and daughter team, P.C. and Kristin Cast, and they take on the job of creating a world of teen vampyres and all the problems and angst that they go through.

You can preview a great song and the trailer for Tempted by clicking here.

"Tempted" is the name of the 6th book in the series, and in case you missed the others, or are just looking to start the series from the beginning, they are: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, and Hunted. If you have never read any of these books, I will tell you that you are truly missing out!! Although they are written mostly from a teen's perspective, they are really good books. They will keep you engrossed and wanting more!! P.C. and Kristen have created a nice balance of page turning suspense and romantic moments, with battles and just dealing with life.

You can listen to the first chapter of TEMPTED on audio, by clicking here. It is sure to get your curiosity peaked, and you will want to get this book as soon as you can!!

P.C. and Kristin Cast image photo pictureThey were asked how they got to collaborate on these books, and P.C. (the mom) answered, "I've taught high school since 1993, so I have a pretty good handle on teen-speak, but I realized as I was trying to write first person from a sixteen year olds point of view that I was getting stuck on what should have been pretty simple word usage questions. Well, I kept yelling down the hallway from my office to where Kristin was "innocently" (her word!) watching MTV and asking her questions. After I did this several times I decided it was ridiculous! That I should just see if Kristin wanted to co-author with me. She said yes - my agent loved the idea - and we took off from there.
I write the draft and then I send it to Kristin for her rewrite. I often leave her notes in the text as I'm writing, as well as blanks I ask her to fill in. When she gets done I read the manuscript again before sending it off to our editor in New York. It sounds complicated, but it's really not."

The mom of the duo, P.C. Cast, is an award-winning fantasy and paranormal romance author, as well as an experienced speaker and teacher. She lives and teaches in Oklahoma. The daughter, Kristin Cast, has won awards for her poetry and journalism. She also lives in Oklahoma, where she attends the University of Tulsa as a communications major.

You can go to the House of Night Fan page on Facebook Page, by clicking the title, and you can follow them and read all about it, or just join other people in discussing this well anticipated book. Tempted will be released on October 27th, 2009, and the fans are getting rabid!! Everyone is anxious and can hardly wait!!

Will you be one of the "Tempted" ones in line when this book is released??

Tell me,


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