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Why can't people learn to drive?

Posted by KAT Saturday, October 3, 2009

It seems like every time that I have to go out, I take my life in my hands on the roads around here!! We have such stupid people on the roads, doing stupid things that have put the breaks in my truck to very good use!!

No wonder there are so many accidents in this area, and the Hospital in town is always full, we have people that decide at the last minute to cross 4 lanes of traffic to pull into Walmart or McDonald's!! Or then we have the people that forget that their car came equipped with a turn signal, and just decide to turn at the last minute, no warning!!

Or then we have the people on cell phones who slow down, then speed up, and look around while they are driving!!

With the construction we have going on around here, we don't need the added stupidity of these people.

For once, I would like to run out to get milk, and not have to slam on my breaks, just because some bozo decides he needs gas right now and then slams on his breaks to make the turn. Or the ones that decide they think they have enough room to cut in front of you, when they don't!!

Ok, enough ranting....
Take care, safe driving....


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