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We've Joined Jack's Quest for Halloween!

Posted by KAT Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cruella DeVille and Boogeyman WWE Halloween costumes image photo pictureHalloween is our most favorite holiday of the year, even beating out Christmas, and that is unusual for most people. But we love Halloween and go all out every year, with the costumes and the decorations!! People actually come from all around to see my daughter's house decorations every year!! She hangs bodies from trees, and has ghosts dangling that look like they are flying, and eerie lights and signs, and even some window decorations too. It really is a whole adventure!

We usually create the costumes, but sometimes we use some store bought stuff too. You can Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You and have your own adventure this coming Halloween!! Or if you have pictures from a past halloween, why not join Jack's Quest by entering your pictures and being in the running for a chance to win a contest? You can enter either pictures, video or a story and have people vote for them.

I did it....and I need your votes!! This is my daughter dressed as Cruella DeVille from 101 dalmations, and my grandson dressed as the Boogeyman from WWE wrestling. As you can see he has a mask on, and a fake bleeding heart hanging around his neck, but that is all that was bought for the costume, everything else was made. We have a blast every year, and it brings us closer together too! I made the cane out of a branch that I wrapped in duct tape, and the feather like things he is wearing are really ponytail holders made out of fake hair.

Halloween Cruella DeVille and Boogeyman image photo pictureIf you love Halloween as much as we do, would you please consider clicking on the banner below and voting for us?? We need your votes!! And tell your friends to vote for Kat too!!
I would appreciate it very much!!

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

This banner will bring you to my page, with 2 pics on it, if you scroll down, you will see my pic on the left, and then in the middle bottom, you will see the 2 halloween pics, and there is a small hand in the lower left box of each pic that says "vote here". You click on that and then the it counts your vote, and brings the pic up big on the left and says "Does this look like an adventure to you?" and I clicked again, and it registered another vote!! YAY!! Then it says you can come back in 24 hours to vote again.....
I hope that explains it, and now maybe your votes will be counted. It doesn't say you have to register, but let me know if that isn't true, so I can alter this post again. Please?

Thank you so much again,
Take care,
And happy haunting.....


  1. Hey Sweetie - I now have to make (yet another) public declaration. I am apparently a total dork. I went to vote for her and I can't figure out how. Der! Do I need to register? Based on the number of views vs the number of votes, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who doesn't get it. (Then again, that could be completely wrong.)

    Would you mind posting whether you have to register...or what one needs to do? I'm happy to vote...I just need instructions. Sorry for being such a...goon! xx

  2. KAT Says:
  3. Okay, I see what you mean....I am added to the post to make it easier....

    No, it doesn't look like you have to register, but let me know if that isn't true, ok??? :)

  4. chris Says:
  5. My cousin's favorite holiday is Halloween too. I'm off to give you a vote

  6. Ok - I see what you mean now. lol I've voted for both - and before I could figure it all out, I created an account. Well, twice now - since it didn't register my first one.

    I'm not sure what adding a comment for the adventure (or something like that) means - so I left a kind of random comment. I don't want the entire world to know what a dork I am!

    I'll try to remember to vote for you everyday. :)

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