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Help me...I need an Upgrade!

Posted by KAT Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is Kat's desktop computer talking, and please don't tell her that I am posting this...
I need to vent and Kat thinks that this is the place to do it, so this is where I will vent too!

I am in desperate need of an upgrade, because I am old and tired and way outdated! But do you think she knows it?? NO... she just keeps adding more and more stuff into my hard drive and I try in vain to keep up with all that she needs, but sometimes, I just feel that I am not good enough. I have been in the shop more times that I would care to admit, to tune me up, to eliminated a virus and to install more memory to help me out. But it all seems like it is in vain, because I just can't fulfill her needs any longer without some help.

I have tried to give her subtle hints to show her that I need an upgrade, or that she needs someone better than me, like for example, I shut down her browser in the middle of her working, to send her the hint that maybe there are too many tabs open, or that maybe she is doing just a little too much for me to handle right now. But all she does is reboot me and start over again after huffing and puffing and I will let you in on a secret too, Kat says many bad words when she sits in front of me!! She can swear like the dickens!

Now, I have been here with Kat for over 5 years and in computer years (sort of like dog years) that is well over the time that I was made for! In fact, when she first took me home from the store, I was already outdated. Can you believe it?? Me, outdated? But yes, the sad truth is that my kind are only good for a few years and there is always someone more powerful, with more RAM and faster speeds and more bells and whistles than I care to admit.

What she needs to do is to get a brand spanking new HP computer that will fulfill all her needs. She can still keep me as a back up to play her games, or to hold her files, but for her work that she does, she really needs someone with much more to offer her than I can. I am willing to step aside and make room for a newer HP model, because they are the best! I am a little envious of everything that they have that I don't, but the technology just wasn't around when I was created. So I can't fault the new guys for being so much better.

She also could use one of those flat screen monitors, instead of this old huge box thing that I have. I am not streamlined at all. I take up so much room here on her desk. My tower is enormous and the cables everywhere....geeesh! I wish I could be more like the modern guys, but again, I'm old and barely functioning. Yes, she needs to get on over to the HP store and have a look around.

They are also running a special right now that Kat should take advantage of and it is a $30.00 stackable site-wide coupon that is good for $30.00 off on all orders of $150.00 or more at the HP Home Store. Just use the coupon code SV2132 at the time of checkout.

** This coupon is valid through 10/31 or while supplies last. Restrictions and exclusions apply. Please see the HP site for more details.

Whew!! Okay, I think I am done now.
Psssst, if you see Kat, let her know that she needs to upgrade!!
But don't tell her that I told you, deal?

Kat's Computer



  1. Bambi Says:
  2. I love it!! Great post.

    Hey, I think it's time for a new computer. :)

  3. Hey Kat.Your computer is talking to you.


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