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Argentina is Beautiful this time of Year!

Posted by KAT Friday, September 11, 2009

Parque Iguazu waterfall image

Remember the wedding shower that I told you I went to? Well the bride to be, Alana just told us at work today that her Parents in law to be gave them the best gift ever!! They were given tickets for their honeymoon, and the destination is Argentina!! Woo Hoo! Who doesn't want to go to Argentina at this time of the year?? It is absolutely stunning down there in the fall!

They are pre-booked with some awesome Argentina Tours, that will take them to the capital city of Buenos Aires which is beautiful and cultural too. The city has everything they will need there from shopping to nightlife. There are the local crafts that Alana can't wait to see too. There are many fine Argentina Hotels that they can stay in, and the girls at work were giving her some suggestions for some really great Hotels in Buenos Aires, seeing as though at least 3 of them have been to Argentina.

Buenos Aires imageShe is really excited and was doing some research on the internet about Argentina Travel to see where else they could go while they are down there. There is the beautiful Parque Iguazu with it's luxurious waterfalls, that just about take your breath away. There are so many different sites to visit there too, that they could have a different waterfall picture for each place they visit. Just look at that picture above, isn't it one of the most beautiful waterfalls you have seen??

She is also looking at the Hotels in El Calafate because her future inlaws told them that they must go to El Calafate when they go! They said it is a must see for everyone. So they are definitely planning on going there. They have the most amazing glaciers there in the Los Glaciares National Park, it almost looks like you took a trip to Antartica instead of South America! They have all the seasons in Argentina so you can experience it all in one place.

I think that would be tempting for anyone? Don't you? I have never been to Argentina, but after having looked on the internet with Alana, it looks beautiful, and will now be on my list of place to go.

Till Next Time,
Take care,


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