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Displays for your Show or Store

Posted by KAT Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We all need to show off our creations in the best light, and with the proper displays you will have sales coming left and right! Now, there are some cheap looking displays, and then there are the eye-catching ones that make people look and linger. Those are the ones we are going to focus on.

Have you ever been to a trade show exhibit or a really large craft fair and seen the displays that some of the people have? I have often been to them and really wanted to own my own, because whenever something is displayed in the best possible way, you are drawn to that item, and really think about purchasing it. If things are just thrown on a table, you tend to walk right past, right?

Some dealers have the most amazing trade show exhibits, and you see their booths or spaces are always full of people, and the more people that are there, the more it tends to draw even more people over, because they all want to see what everyone is looking at in this wonderful booth!!

If you have never been to a trade show, it is where dealers show off their wares in one big exhibition hall, and every dealer has their own space to set up the way they want. When you see a nice Trade Show Display Booth, it will draw you into that booth and you will want to look around. The nicest ones that I have seen have come from Gilbert Displays because they can make any space look exceptional! They have architectural woodworking elements that make any booth look amazing!! And it can only make your creations look even better! And who doesn't want to display their crafts in the best light?

They have some fantastic jewelry display cases that I would love to own for my own shows, I can only imagine how many sales I would make if I had nice cases to display my artistic creations? They have a line of modular display systems too that would look good in any booth, and also display your items in the best possible way.

For my next big show, I am going to look into getting set up with a nice booth set up from Gilbert displays.

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