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Gold, the NEW Girl's Best Friend...

Posted by KAT Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is better than diamonds as an investment? Gold of course!! This is the new hottest thing around, and if you haven't been looking to purchase gold as an investment for your future, you could be missing out! Diamonds are not the thing to make you happy, ask for gold!

There is something to be said about investing right now in gold, and you can purchase gold bullion as a way to make your future a little easier. This is a very hot commodity right now, and everyone is investing in it because they know that the price of gold will never drop as drastically as some of the other investments they may have purchased in the past. Stocks, bonds and CD's are not as secure an investment as if you purchase bullion. The price really doesn't fluctuate that much with gold, as it has been around for centuries, and now is the time to buy!

We have all seen the ads on TV offering huge amounts of cash for your gold, right? Well, what they aren't telling you is that if you hold onto it, it is increasing in value, even as I write this! They will make a huge profit off your gold, and you will think you got a good deal, until you see that if you had only had the foresight to purchase gold coins, your investment would go up and up, and you would be making the profit!!

They are evidently talking about gold and the early beginnings of gold, and the gold rush, and the investing part of it in school, because my grandson came over and told me he is going to use his allowance to purchase gold coin. When I asked him why, he said that the teacher said it would be good for his future, so that is what he wants to do. He asked me to look on the internet to see if we could find some good places that he might be able to get his coins, and I really learned more about gold than I ever knew!! He even said that there was a gold panda coin to commemorate China, and you all know how I LOVE pandas!! So we went and looked at those, and lots of other coins. The fact that my grandson who isn't even 9 yet is thinking about securing his future, really made me take a look at what I had saved. And do you know what? I may just have to buy some gold coins or bullion myself to carry me in my senior years!!

The things you can learn from an 8 year old!! Geesh!

Take Care,


  1. Candle Anne Says:
  2. When I was a kid my grandparents used to give me mint coin sets every Christmas. I imagine gold would be worth more. I don't have any grandkids yet, but when I do I plan to continue the tradition.

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