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Big Brother Final Three, Re-Do

Posted by KAT Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well, that was some twist on Big Brother the other night!! Whew! I think I was just as surprised as Kevin, Jordan and Natalie!

So, all 3 of them will go to the Finale, with Jordan competing with Kevin in the final part of the HOH competition, after beating Natalie (What? Really? I know! ) in the second phase of the competition.

Schemers that they are, Kevin and Natalie lasted longer than Jordan in part one, the log rolling one, and then there were 2, and they kept talking about the second phase being a mental challenge, and that Natalie is so much better at those than Kevin, and that she could easily beat Jordan, so Natalie drops off, leaving Kevin as the winner of the first part of the competition.

Then as it turns out, Jordan beats Natalie by a mile in the second competition, and I thought that when Julie was talking to them, she was gonna cry!! LOL Her voice was all shaky as she talked about not being in control of her fate. And what she doesn't know is that Kevin says he won't take her to the final 2, but that is not the deal they made...Kevin Lies!! They all do, except for Jordan, I think she is the only one who hasn't lied.

So if Jordan beats Kevin in the final phase on Finale night, she wins HOH and decides who she wants sitting with her right then and there. The jury house seems to have turned on Natalie, and they all think Kevin will win it, but I don't think they are expecting Jordan to be there?? And if Jordan wins....I think it's a long shot no matter who she picks???

What do you think??

1 Responses to Big Brother Final Three, Re-Do

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