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Root For Jeff in Big Brother!!

Posted by KAT Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is Jeff.
He is my favorite player on Big Brother.
He may get eliminated this week, but I hope not??

I Like Jeff, and I like the game he has played.
I hope Natalie and Kevin don't get rid of him after giving their word to him last week, when he offered to save them and backdoor Russell.
Getting rid of Russell was a great move on his part, but if they get rid of him instead of Michelle this week, I will be mad.

Jeff or Jordan didn't win the POV which was the only way that Jeff would be safe, Michelle won it, so now it is Jeff and Jordan up for elimination. Michelle said she'd rally for Jeff with Kevin, and see if he would put Natalie up, but it didn't happen. Jordan said she wants everyone to vote for Jeff, to keep him in the game, because she thinks he has a great chance of winning. Her.... not so much! And she admits that she wouldn't have made it this far in the game if Jeff didn't help her.
So we will see what happens on Thursday?

I know it is only a game, but....
I kinda liked looking at him 3 times a week??
Ya Know??

Till Next Time,
Take Care,


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  
  2. Very nice to look at!

  3. I used to like his game. Then he had power for three weeks, and he started saying things on the live feeds and Big Brother After Dark that made his hotness factor go down quite a few notches, like slitting throats and cutting off Michele's toe. I still like the edited Jeff, but the unedited one worries me with his anger sometimes. It's like he woke up with Christian Bale Syndrome a few weeks ago.

    I just wish he would have kept his word to Russell. I can't take much more of Natalie.

  4. KAT Says:
  5. I don't get the live feeds or the after dark thing, but ewwww, if he really said those things, then all I can say is why?? Is he stooping to Russell's level??

    I think I will stick to the edited version myself, at least it keeps the fantasy in check!! LOL

    If he is going all Christian Bale, then he can go...

  6. Ok, so obviously I have not been online in awhile..But can I tell you how sad I was when Jeff went? I really, really wanted him to win...and now, I want Jordan or even Michelle to win.. then comes Kevin, if Natalie wins, I will cry for days. LOL...Can you tell I love my big brother? tee hee...


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