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Fish for a Birthday?

Posted by KAT Friday, September 18, 2009

saltwater fish image
My grandson Marcus is asking for fish tank for his birthday, which is coming up next weekend. I would love to get him a saltwater fish tank, because the fish that can be in saltwater tanks are so beautiful! Now, he may not want beautiful fish, but there are other fish too. They are unusual, and not what you are used to seeing in fresh water fish tanks. There are clown fish, like Nemo was, and eels, and I think he would like those.

I think we will get him one of those Reef aquariums that are very popular and look fantastic. It will be like a dream come true if he gets one of those. I can imagine him and the expression on his face when he sees all the exotic fish and the live coral floating in the tank. I think that the live coral will be a big hit, the colors are so vibrant and cool. There are very specific procedures when getting new coral and inserting it into the tank. You have to make sure your bring the temperature of the shipping water up to the temperature of your tank water, before putting the coral into your tank, and another important thing is to make sure the lights are off and stay off for at least 3 hours, then slowly introduce the light for short periods of time. The thing to remember is that this coral is alive, and can die from shock if these steps are not followed.

We will also have to get some decorations for the bottom of the tank. There are all sorts of pirate things to get, or skeletons, he likes stuff like that, so that is the way the tank will go.

I have a feeling that in the beginning, he will take care of the fish and the tank, but soon enough, his Mom will be the one doing it all. But then isn't that the way it is?? I remember when my daughter was younger, every single pet, including the fish, after much begging and promises of "I really will take care of it!", eventually became my pets and I looked after them. So, payback time....She will have to take care of the saltwater fish and tank and she will know how sweet it is!

Take care,

1 Responses to Fish for a Birthday?

  1. Bambi Says:
  2. I think a fish tank is a lot less work than a dog, cat, or bird. Salt water fish are beautiful and a nice choice for a young boy.


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