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Home Security is Very Important to Me!

Posted by KAT Friday, September 4, 2009

ADT Home Security Sign for the Yard image
Since the near break-in that I had, Home Security is a very important thing to me, and very high on my priority list! When you have some of the "best" things, then people want to take them from you! We have a big Flat screen TV, the best DVD player and stereo, and some really nice collectibles too! So,I did some searching around before I settled on ADT. They are the leading company in Home Security. They are well known and people recognize the sign I have on my front lawn, prior to seeing the stickers in the windows.

That gives me a little feeling of security right there. You always think that your neighborhood is safe, and that things like this only happen to other people. But you are so wrong! My neighborhood used to be a quiet neighborhood with mostly summer residents only coming in the summer and us year round residents were scarce. Now it has taken a turn with the economy. People are buying these summer cottages and making them their year round residence. And they are bringing with them families that are unknown to our little neighborhood. Now, I am not saying that this is the reason for the recent break-ins...but I don't much believe in coincidence.... do you? We never had problems before, and we knew our neighbors. These folks stroll in and are rude and unfriendly and don't give a hoot about anyone but them.

Anyway, safety has always been big on my mind, ever since I had my daughter, funny how when you have a child you become so much more protective? Kind of like a Mamma Bear with her cubs...You don't mess with the Mamma!!! So when I was looking for a home security company, I did some adt pricingfirst. Then I looked at some of the other companies, and they didn't compare. They didn't even come close? ADT offers so much more that I feel safer just knowing that they are there for me and my family. If they are good enough for the White House, the Pentagon and Fort Knox, well then, I guess they are good enough for me!!


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Just when I thought I've seen it all! A week ago I stumbled on SpyRocks.com and saw their wireless night-vision surveillance cameras hidden inside fake rocks and artificial tree stumps for outdoor home security. They actually look realistic!!! (Their website has a cool section with photos of spy gadgets and hidden cameras throughout history too). What next??? LOL!

  3. Monitored security is great for those who can afford it but for those who can't there are alternatives you can do yourself. DVr cameras, wireless hidden cameras, entry alarms and autodialers are relatively cheap and easily installed. Monitored is the way to go but if you can't afford it it does not mean you can't have security.

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