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Facebook and the Farms

Posted by KAT Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is anyone else out there addicted to these farm games on Facebook, like I am?
I have never owned a farm, nor have I have ever lived on one, but ever since I was roped into getting a farm (then a different one) on here, I worry about my crops and harvesting and everything!!

I calculate what I think the best buy for my money is when trying to decide what crops to plant, and what they will bring in when I harvest. Then I plant them, and wait for them to grow. Then if for some reason I can't get to harvest the crops in time, they die and wither away to nothing, and all that (fake) money has been wasted, and I feel terrible!!

LOL, now I know it is a game, but I really have come to care for my farms, and the animals I have on them, and yes, even the crops.

Is anyone else out there like this??

Let me know....


  1. Jaffer Says:
  2. I do actually - although recently, I'm taking a break from farming.

    I've taken up "baking" in Yoville which operates on the same idea !

    You clean the oven, bake a cake/muffin/cookie and then take it out of the oven in time or it'll burn !

    I too calculate what product would be most beneficial in a given period of time and I hate to see a burning oven ! LOL

  3. Penny D. Says:
  4. Oh no!!!! LOL. I'm totally addicted to FARMVILLE> I am the same way, I figure which plants will get me the most money. I have a plot that grows in two days, one that grows in one day, one that grows in four days, that way I am bringing in money everyday... lol. and I plant whichever plant in the "# of days" brings in the most money. I get wicked upset when my crops die and I do feel like I have to check it several times a day... lol


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