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New HD Radio and ITunes Tagging!

Posted by KAT Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just got a brand new Ipod for Mother's Day from my Daughter and Grandson, and I love it. The only thing is trying to remember what songs I like to put on it??
Oh sure, some of them are easy to remember, but sometimes when I'm driving, I hear a song I love and wish I had that on my Ipod and then never hear who sings it, or I forget it by the time I get home!!

I found the most amazing thing ever! I am going to buy this, it is a HD Radio receiver that has ITunes Tagging on it!! How cool is that?? This model is the: Jensen JiMS 525i and it is absolutely amazing with all the things it can do. This receiver combined with High Definition Radio is an awesome combination!
Ipod Dock image picture photo
Doesn't this look amazing??
What this lets you do is, you put your Ipod into the receiver, and just listen to the HD radio and when a song comes on that you want to save on your Ipod, you click on the "Tag" button and it will store the song information on your Ipod in a playlist called "tagged" and when you sync your Ipod on your computer, you can go to the Apple Itunes Music Store and purchase those songs that you previously tagged!! How cool is that?? I don't have to remember the songs anymore, this will remember them for me!

And I can listen to all my favorite local radio stations in crystal clear High Definition. It sounds much better than my old FM radio. Just so you know, this is digital radio and not satellite radio, which is fine with me! Like I said, it sounds way better than what I have now which is an old under the counter clock radio! Time to upgrade.

Also, the model that I picked out, comes with an alarm clock, a remote (so I can change stations from across the room), 2 speakers and will also playback mp3's. But the thing that I love the best about it is the song tagging, I think this is a fabulous idea, and I am so happy that someone smart came up with this idea!

There are many other models available, but this is the one that I love, it is compact and will fit in nicely on my counter. I can't wait to start building my music library from this wonderful receiver!

Wouldn't you love to have the ease of just tagging songs off the radio when you hear them? You should check out the deals that they have over at HD Radio. You might get hooked like me?

Till Next Time,

1 Responses to New HD Radio and ITunes Tagging!

  1. That was so nice of them Kat, You deserve it, I am posting soon some awards for you at my blog,
    Take Care,


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