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Along for the Ride

Ride the Manta with a Front of the Line Pass!

Posted by KAT Friday, May 29, 2009

You could win a "Front of the Line" Pass to SeaWorld's newest and most amazing ride, The Manta! Have you heard about this ride yet? No?
Well, let me tell you that there will be more thrills than anything you are used to, that's for sure! Riding the Manta is like being strapped to the underbelly of a giant Manta Ray, and lying prone, face down and going on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime!

Watch this awesome video and see what I mean!

Can you believe it?? Who came up with a ride this great? I wish I could be there right now, trying this out, and screaming my head off!

To get your very own Front of the Line Pass, you have to visit the site, and register, then complete six simple tasks. If you complete all six of the activities on their site, you will earn a Manta "Front-of-the-line" pass and go straight to the front of the line when you go to SeaWorld in Orlando. If you complete only two of the Manta site activities, you will still win, by earning a complimentary electronic photograph from your Manta ride experience. How cool is that?

So, the six activities you should complete for your pass are:
1. Learn about Manta and answer 5 questions about it (the answers can be found on the site)
2. Take a photo of yourself showing off the saying "I heart Manta" and upload it to Flickr. It can be a sign, or a t-shirt, or the saying on a birthday cake, or whatever, they want you to be creative!! Oh, and if you don't have a Flickr account, sign up is free!
3. When you are telling all your friends about Manta (and I know you will), get 3 friends to use your referral number to fill your row on the ride, and once your row is full, you will get a confirmation email.
4. Upload a short video to YouTube showing how excited you are to ride the Manta. You can take one with a camera phone or a camera, and just upload, then enter the code.
5. Print out the Manta Mask, and take a picture of you wearing it, and upload to Flickr.
6. Follow Shamu on Twitter, @RealShamu the user name on Twitter, and then send a specific "tweet" to Shamu. Also be on the lookout, because Shamu can provide some answers to the Manta quiz in step 1.

That's all there is to it!! It doesn't seem so hard, does it? I feel that if you can do these 6 simple things and it gets you to the front of the line, so you don't have to wait in a long line, it is well worth it!! I wonder if the pass is re-useable? Because I would definitely want to ride this again and again!



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