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Time to Clean the Registry

Posted by KAT Sunday, September 27, 2009

It seems like the problems never end with me and this computer!
I think I have eliminated the virus, but I'm still not sure?
After reading so many helpful comments and ideas, I think now I have to clean out my windows registry. My computer is still running really slow, and I am sure I have broken files and incomplete files. Someone told me that using a registry cleaner would solve a lot of my problems?

I have looked at the registry myself, and it is all Greek to me? I am going to try to use the free registry cleaner and scan my computer and see if that helps? I am sure that there are a lot of errors that the scan will find, and I think it will be better to leave the fixing and correcting to someone who knows what to do and how to fix it.

My computer still freezes from time to time, and this is one of the hints that maybe there are errors that need to be corrected? I have read the testimonials from other users, and it looks promising. This registry fix seems to have helped many others with their computer problems, and to speed up their computers. It should help with the upload time when I first turn on my computer and the shut down time too.

I am ready to try anything at this point. Other than getting a new computer, I think this might be my best option.

Wish me luck!


  1. I use the registry cleaner that comes with CCleaner, which is free. You can run the cleanup part first, which gets rids of temp internet files, cookies, etc., and then run the registry cleaner. Just make sure you make a backup of the registry when it prompts you to in case the changes mess anything up. That way, you can restore your registry if the worst happens.

    There's another good one that I'll have to look up the name for you and post it here later that I used before. You can get a 30 day trial of it on Download.com. It found things wrong with the registry on my old computer that CCleaner never did.

  2. James Says:
  3. According to 3B Software, Registry Repair pro does a decent job detecting potential problems in the windows registry. Which delivers a categorized list of detected registry errors. RegGenie Review

  4. I think you have a quite knowledge that is helpful to improve system speed and take care of PC. I am using registry easy that is also give me best results.

  5. Leon Rodger Says:
  6. Hi,

    The registry cleaner's task is to scan the Registry, remove the unnecessary stuff, and make deletions or repairs as needed. The best registry cleaners are not exactly hard to find, as you can always do a Google or Yahoo search to learn more about reviews on such products.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Can anyone recommend the robust RMM tool for a small IT service company like mine? Does anyone use Kaseya.com or GFI.com? How do they compare to these guys I found recently: N-able N-central event management
    ? What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? I need a good advice please... Thanks in advance!

  9. johns Says:
  10. Nice post, registry of every system keeps on expanding as one continues to use the computer. So, some day a user compulsorily has to get rid of the trash stored in the registry to save the PC from getting corrupted. Registry cleaners are the essential part of any computer to speed up the performance. i recommended to Download registry cleaner to enhance the speed of the computer.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Opulently I assent to but I about the post should secure more info then it has.


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