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I Love These Shutters!

Posted by KAT Thursday, August 27, 2009

red vinyl shutter image
When I dropped my friend off after work, I immediately noticed the shutters on her house, because first of all they are my favorite color, red, and second, because they really dressed up her house!

These were gorgeous shutters and she said that because she lives on the water, that they need them whenever a storm arises to protect the windows in the house. She said that whenever the winds are high, her husband goes out and shuts the shutters to protect the glass in the windows!! Wow! What a great idea? I have shutters, but they are decorative only and they are non-movable. These are functioning shutters that really protect her windows when it's needed.

I said that I liked them because they were red and wooden, and she corrected me and told me that they are exterior vinyl shutters and I couldn't believe it. They looked like real wood to me! She said she got them from The Larson Shutter Company after doing a lot of research on the internet. She also told me that the vinyl is durable and strong and she got a really good deal on her shutters. I am going to have to head over there to check them out, especially now since she told me that Larson is offering free shipping on any orders over $99.00!! I hope that I can get as good a deal as she got, and maybe I will soon have red shutters too!

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1 Responses to I Love These Shutters!

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Kate,
    They are probably composite material. And sometimes you can get them unpainted to do your own colors. You can even buy PVC trim and build your own easily with some help. Do you need a chop saw?


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