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New Lockers for Work

Posted by KAT Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are thinking of getting lockers for work, so we can all store our stuff in them, instead of what we do now, which is hanging our coats on our cubes, and taking up our office drawers with our pocketbooks.

My boss knows I am on the internet all the time, so he asked me to look around and get some prices and ideas. I really like the ones on the left they look professional and not so much like school lockers. Not that there is anything wrong with school lockers, it is just that if we are going to have them for work, I think they need to look more like this. These lockers would fit in with our filing cabinets and other hardware that we already have in the office.

They had some nice Wooden lockers too, but I think that although they are beautiful looking, they would stand out too much in our space. My other thought was to get individual gym lockers to go by each cubicle, and I think I will mention it to my boss just to see what he thinks?

There are so many lockers for sale, that it is really hard to pick just a few, but I did it. I will mention about everyone having their own individual locker, and see how that goes, but if my boss doesn't go for that, we always have the option of the single or double wood locker, which I think would look nice?

I hope he likes the selections that I have made. I think in the winter it will be especially good, because we all need a place to hang our coats, and some of the girls go to exercise class right after work, and bring a bag with a change of clothes in, that has to now, sit on the floor next to them. Once we get the lockers, they can store their gear in there!!

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