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I Love this Fashion Search Engine!

Posted by KAT Monday, August 17, 2009

I think I have told everyone that some of my family lives in England, right? Well, whenever they are looking for presents to buy for my daughter or myself, I have turned them to this wonderful new UK Fashion Search Engine for women. I have found that they have the latest styles and the site is extremely easy to use.

Say for example you wanted to look for cheap dresses? You can go directly there and put in the type of dress you would like to see and the color and also specify a price range. It will only give you what you ask for! How nice is that? No more looking through pages and pages of dresses in all price ranges, only the ones you want show up.

Now, I happened to go to the page marked sale jeans , and I typed in my size, and that I was a regular (from the choices of short, regular or long), and the color I wanted which was black, and I didn't specify a price range, because I wanted to see them all, and it filtered out all the other jeans and just showed me what I wanted!! I also had the option of selecting a sale amount like: 50% off or 25% off. There are so many ways you can filter your results it is amazing!! I love it!!

The jumpsuits or rompers are called playsuits, and they are either shorts or pants all in one piece with a top. They can look so stylish on some people. Not me I'm afraid. But this is a young and hip look that works well on the younger set.

They have some really nice cheap t-shirts here too that are more to my liking and I usually go here when I want to select a present. The styles and colors are fantastic and again, you can filter your results any way you choose! I like that I can just see certain colors and not have to weed through all the other t shirts to find what I am looking for.

I have purchased cardigans for both my Grandmother and my Aunt by going to the cardigan (sweater) page and using the filters to come up with the perfect cardigan for them. The English women love their sweaters, and I have seen some stunning ones that I would love. I don't go for the button down the front like they do, but I love to stay warm and sweaters are a must for me!

If you need to look for fashion, try them out and see how easy it is to filter your results and not have to spend hours looking for just what you want!!

They also have everything under the sun for you to look at, from clothes to jewelry to lingerie to shoes and boots! They have so much, you might never leave!

Till Next Time,
Happy Shopping!


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