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Replacing my Mailbox

Posted by KAT Saturday, August 8, 2009

I still haven't replaced my mailbox since it was knocked down and I think the mailman is getting angry with me? I have been looking at the ecco mailboxes, and I seem to like them and how durable they are. They also guarantee fast delivery, so that would be a big plus.

They have so many mailboxes that I can't make my mind up, and so I have been searching through all the tabs to see the different styles. I like the look and style of a black wall mount mailbox, but I am wondering if the mailman would actually get out of his car to come up to my house and put the mail in it?? Also in the wall mount style is the Victorian design wall mount, that is a very fancy mailbox. It's really quite nice if you had a nice house to display it on. I think this would be more for the richer neighborhoods. There is also an oval shaped mailbox and also is a wall mount. I am just not sure that this would be the right mailbox for me? My house is not grand, and I would have to check to make sure my mail would get delivered if I chose one of these? So maybe an ecco wall mount mailbox might not be the right choice for me right now.

They even have a Victorian tower mailbox that is very fancy. It looks like a pillar that would be on the end of your path, and looks solid and sturdy. It's very high end, and a little too much for around my neighborhood. Again, this would be perfect in the more expensive parts of town. I can picture this at the end of a sweeping drive, just waiting to accept the mail.

So, at this point I am still undecided and although I need a new mailbox, and I like and want an ecco mailbox, I think I will keep looking at what they have and try to make my mind up in the next few days. It used to be that you only could buy a silver mailbox to stick on a post....when did it become so difficult to choose a mailbox?

Till next time,


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