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A New Dry Erase Board

Posted by KAT Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dry erase wall calendar imageThere is now a new dry erase board that is so much better than the old ones! This one actually works! And it can fit in nicely with your decor.

Who doesn't love the idea of a dry erase board? They are so easy to write things on and then erase them off to put more things on. I love the fact that it isn't a slip of paper that I can lose! I am terrible with losing paper, so if it can hang on my wall and hold the information that I need, then I am all for it!! In fact I use 2 of them here by my computer for just that reason.

One of them is a Dry Erase Calendar that I use to put all my important dates on so that I don't forget them. And since I am at my computer every day, I see the entries that I have put on the calendar and I don't forget things! How cool is that? These are unmounted vinyl and they will stick directly to any flat surface. You would just peel off the backing and place the calendar or dry erase board on a clean dry surface. The other one is a plain dry erase board that I use to take notes while I am working here at my computer. It is very handy.

They have a large variety of sizes and styles, and we even have one of the larger ones at work to post everyone's vacation times, days off, and meetings, so that it is easily accessible to everyone and large enough to read. It has come in very handy on more than a few occasions when there was a discrepancy about who was taking what days for vacation.

If you happen to own your own business, the Large dry erase board would be very useful for you to put your specials on, like what is on sale this week, or even a best selling item. For a restaurant it would be ideal for you to list your specials on and maybe even your times for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that your customers would know exactly what you were offering and when.

dry erase games board imageThere is also a Dry Erase Games Board, which is a large board that has games on it like hangman and mazes, that you can play over and over again! What a great idea for schools or day cares centers? The kids would have a blast with these. They come in all sizes, one of which takes up an entire wall. Imagine the looks on the faces of the children when they see a games board that big?

I love this idea!
Till Next Time,


  1. Sounds like a great way to keep up with appointments.

  2. April Says:
  3. The game one sounds like a good way to keep the kids busy and it doesn't involve the TV :D

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