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Along for the Ride

Back from Vacation

Posted by KAT Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello everyone!

I am back from vacation, and I am really tired!! lol
I think I need a vacation from my vacation, or maybe it was just the 27 hour bus ride that did me in?? Can you believe it was that long?

I have to tell you about a few things about the multiple buses and characters on those buses!!

On the first leg of my trip, I thought I was going to get to sit by myself, but no, I had a weird Chinese lady sit with me, who talked to herself constantly, and kept smiling at herself....it was just creepy. I couldn't understand what she was saying and she didn't seem to care that people could hear her, she just kept on babbling away. And even when she was trying to go to sleep, she had her eyes closed and kept talking and smiling. Just weird.

On the ride from Philadelphia to New York, I had the window seat, and people were milling past me (I was kinda up by the front, about 4 rows back), and then there was all kinds of yelling from the back and arguments, and almost fighting. And this was just after the new passengers were boarding. The driver came on to see what was the matter, and some of the guys were mad because some seats were unavailable, and the driver said there were other seats they could sit in, and this one guy, that was an Eminem wannabe, started talking back, and swearing, and saying he wanted to sit in those F**king seats, was told by the driver to come up and sit with me!! WTF??? NO!!!!!
I didn't want Mr. Violent attitude to sit with me! I am very peaceable. But the driver said if he didn't come up here and sit "right now" he could just get off the bus.
So up storms the Wangsta (white guy trying to act all Gangsta) and throws himself into the seat next to me, bumping me, and making my seat shake! The driver says to him, "what is your problem?" and he says back "I just want to get home without a F**kin problem, alright?" The driver says to him, "look, you better change your attitude real quick, or you can get off the bus right now" and I am hoping....yes, get off the bus, please!!
But no, he just shuts his mouth till the driver's back is turned and then he swears at him, and starts talking all kinds of smack as the driver gets back off the bus to finish up what he was doing.

To be continued.....


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