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My Grandson and I went to the Beach!

Posted by KAT Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marcus and I went to the beach quite unexpectedly, we were on our way home, and I thought that it would be nice to go down and just stick our toes in the water.

Now, mind you, he is the fairest child I know, and we didn't have sunscreen, but I figured we would just go for a bit. (Don't worry, he didn't get sunburned!) So we get out of the truck, and walk in the sand, down to the water, and I tell him he can go in with his flip flops on, and he looks at me horrified! LOL I really did have to laugh at that one!! They are only rubber and plastic, so why not?

Anyway, I tell him not to get wet...yeah right....then when I see that the bottom of his shorts are getting wet I told him to take them off. Again the horrified look!!! LOL He refused, and then I got a lecture about him being 8 and that he is "NOT" taking off his shorts and just be in his underwear!! I mean, there were only like 3 other people on the beach, and they weren't close, and 2 older people out in the water. But I guess that wasn't going to happen...so needless to say, he got his shorts and shirt wet, but had a great time looking for shells.

He found some really pretty ones too, and wanted to take them home. So we did.
We had a blast, but didn't stay too long....as I said, we had no sunscreen, and it was unplanned....just something to do!!

Till Next Time,

1 Responses to My Grandson and I went to the Beach!

  1. Dorothy Says:
  2. Nothing is more precious then our grandchildren. Sounds like you had a great day.

    Dorothy from grammology


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