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How does Charter help you?

Posted by KAT Monday, July 13, 2009


If you have Charter cable, how has it helped you or what can you do now that you couldn't do before?

Charter wants to know, and if you submit your story to them, you could be eligible for some fantastic prizes, like, a 52 inch HDTV or a 15 inch laptop computer! Just for submitting your story, it isn't any easier than that! Charter has the best contests around and if you follow my blogs, you will know that I have written about them giving away XBox 360 gaming systems and laptops last year, and they also gave away a grand prize of a Honda Civic Hybrid to one lucky winner!! Trust me, these are contests you can't afford to miss!!

If you are a customer of Charter Cable, just go to charter.com/yourlife/, and enter to share your story and be entered into the drawing. It is so easy. Just include a photo or video with your story when you submit.

I love the fact that I can pay one reasonable bill for my cable, internet and telephone, and be able to communicate with friends in far away places that I couldn't before because of the cost of my phone bill. The high speed internet connection really lets me communicate with them any time I want!! And I also love the fact that we can exchange photos right there, either through email or in chatting, it is great to see pictures instantly, rather than to wait, and hope they get developed and sent to you by snail mail. To bring friends and family closer together is the best thing I have found with Charter.

I also follow Charter on Facebook, and would suggest you do too, so you don't miss any good deals, and you can be up to date with the contests they hold or any package deals they are offering.

Good luck on winning the contest, or at least a laptop!!
Take care,



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