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Ohio Trip and the Luggage Ordeal!

Posted by KAT Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hartmann Stratum luggage imageYou already know about my trip to Ohio, but what I haven't mentioned to you all is that my luggage was a nightmare!! I knew I needed new luggage before I went but being the procrastinator that I am, I left it too late to update my luggage before my trip.

So, on the way home, at one of my transfer stops, when they take the luggage out of the hold of the bus and kind of throw it on the blacktop, evidently my sorry suitcase had burst at the seams, and was lying on it's side with my belongings sticking out for the world to see?!? When I got off the bus, and saw the suitcase, I had to laugh because it looked so funny with articles of clothing hanging out....until I realized that this was MY suitcase, then the laughing stopped and I was mortified!

Luckily, I had packed a bungee cord in the suitcase, and stuffed my things back into my broken and battered suitcase and wrapped the bungee cord around it to prevent it from happening again! Then I rolled it to the next bus that I needed to be on, and continued on my journey. But how embarressing!!

So, to prevent that from happening ever again, I am now shopping for new Luggage and I have found some exquisite pieces that I may just have to buy before my next trip.

Hartman suitcase imageHartman duffle bag image
I absolutely love these pieces from the Hartmann luggage collection and they are red, my favorite color!! Now these little beauties would have been a lot easier for me to distinguish which bags were mine with all the transfers I had and rushing to catch the next bus! The thing I like about the big suitcase is that it is roomy enough to carry most of my things and it has a combination lock, that I am sure would withstand other cases being piled on top of it without the damage my cheap suitcase endured!! And the duffle bag is a good size for a carry on too!

I also was looking at the Tumi luggage and the Briggs and Riley luggage collections, and they have some really nice pieces in them too. But I am really partial to the Hartmann red pieces, and think those are the ones I need to purchase before my next trip.

The good news is that most of the luggage is on sale now, making it the best time to buy!

Till Next Time,


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